Meet the Girls...

Here we are!  And so excited for you to come visit us!  

L-R  Stacy, Rachel, Melanie, Mom (Terry), Heather, Mary, Michelle, Meagan

Being a family of 7, now 8 girls, we love to talk a lot, and share everything. There was a time when Rachel lived in Ohio, Stacy in Texas, and Heather in Idaho and we would conference call each other once a week so we could share recipes we had tried, tips on how to raise our babies, and how to do just about everything else that we were really needing help with.  This was before cell phones took over the world.  :)  When we all started getting married and moving around there were multiple phones calls during the week sharing ideas.  Then Michelle had this brilliant plan... let's start a blog that we can share all these things.  So we did.  It has been such a fun way to share with sisters, and a bit easier.  


Hi! I am Rachel.  I am the oldest in this family of many girls, which, by the way, I love.  I am the wife to one amazing husband, and Mom to 3 little monsters (as my husband likes to call them) with another little girl due to bless our family around Thanksgiving.  We have moved all over the country while my hubby went to medical school, and now that we are FINALLY finished with that (THANK GOODNESS!!!) we have finally settled in Idaho.  I have told my husband that I will never move again so he better like his job.  I have learned how to be very independent in our long road of schooling, and this independence has brought out a lot of crafty-ness.  I really and truly love to try any and almost all crafts.  And I really do enjoy most everything I try.  But I really love sewing, embroidery, photography, and little quick decorating crafts.  I also love to read, do outdoorsy stuff, and be in the kitchen.  I have this habit of trying out a new recipe when we invite people over for dinner, drives the hubby crazy, but I guess I am just confident in my skills.  :)  I do always try (a few times) the recipes I put on the blog.  


This is Stacy and my family.  I have 2 very handsome boys and husband.  We very recently moved to ARIZONA!!!  YAY!  We are a little bit closer to family now!  We like it here so far and get to be really close to Michelle.  It is warm (or super HOT) here, but we like it!  I really don't like being cold, so it works!  My boys keep me very busy.  On top of being a mom, I get to stay home with my boys right now so it is really fun!  I hope to start teaching piano lessons again here at home once summer starts.  I enjoy to do landscaping, crafts, scrapbooking, and reading.  I don't like to clean and am admittedly not the best house keeper of the girls!  I miss being close to my sisters but love being able to share all of this with them and all of you!  Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!


Hey! I am Meagan. I am the favorite (Ok, and only) Sister-in-law. I couldn't have picked a better family to marry into. I am from Michigan and moved to Idaho for college where I met my Hubby. We are currently living in Idaho. We have one little girl and one little boy. They keep me laughing...and sometimes crying. I love blogging, eating, shopping, playing sports, learning to cook new things, vacations and some celebrity gossip - who doesn't? I am from a family of six children - four girls and two boys. I loved growing up in a large family. I love trying new recipes and learning easy ways to make my house cuter...enter this blog. Life is a blessing and I am loving it.


I have been married to my best friend for almost 5 years! We have been blessed with our beautiful Brynlee, who just turned 1. We have had quite the ride since we've been married! My husband graduated college with a pretty good job (we thought), two weeks later the company went under and everyone lost their jobs. So we've been all over the place, we've moved 9 times in 4 1/2 years. We are grateful to be settled in Arizona now! But looking back we had great experiences being in new places and learning to be extremely frugal, and really rely on each other through pretty tough times. We LOVE to travel! We wish to travel the whole day maybe. :) I love the sun (so I'm definitely in the right place), I love hot tamales, pringles, Arrested Development, camping, Modern Family, Bachelor/Ette, volleyball, Scrubs (tv show), kissing my hubby, and watching or playing pretty much and sport! I love that I grew up in such a big family, I honestly talk to at least 3 siblings a day. I would love to have like 10 kids so my kids can have the same childhood I did, but my husband does not, he wants like 2. Weirdly enough I actually LOVED being pregnant,  secretly I get a little jealous when I see other people who are pregnant. I absolutely LOVE being a wife and mother!


Oh hey! It's Mary! I have been married for 4 years now and have the most beautiful 9 month old daughter Brooklyn. She is the sweetest, most well-behaved baby, I am VERY lucky! I love my life! I work full time with my husband (wahoo!) so I am a VERY busy mom! I try to find the balance between everything in life and sometimes have to realize that I cannot be supermom and that is ok! It is ok if my house is not always spotless and if I don't feel like cooking a hot meal when we get home from work at midnight :( Yikes! I do what I can and my husband and I work great together to do things as a team! :) He is so sweet to both his girls and loves us SOOO much! We live in Saratoga Springs, Utah and we love it! He is applying to grad school and we hope to be moving next fall! I love playing sports and have come to even love watching sports (go Jazz!), I love working out, yoga, cuddling, CHOCOLATE, cheesecake, watching the batchelor and discussing it with the sistas afterward each week, making my daughter laugh, and doing anything and everything with my little family!


Hello! I am Melanie.  I have been married for five, almost six, months.  Let's just say it has been the time of my life! I absolutely love being married, and my husband is amazing! My husband and I just moved to Utah and really enjoy it here.  I love volleyball, crafts, and most of all cooking, which is probably why I am going into Culinary Arts.  I started out at BYU-Idaho, but am transferring to UVU because of our move.  I hear they have a great program, so I will be passing on recipes I learn.  I love trying out new recipes, so if you have any good ones-let us know, we would love to check them out! This blog has been a lot of fun so far, and is a fun way to keep up with my sisters! I sure love them to death.  Hope you enjoy!


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