Friday, November 8, 2013

More Great Fry's Deals- Week of 11/6/13- 11/19/13 (Continued another week)

WOW! Fry's has some amazing deals again this week for anyone in the Fry's Food area! Michelle and I went shopping for the great deals today and were both very pleased! This is a GREAT time to stock up on things like Chicken Broth, Chili, Canned Green Beans or Canned Corn. So, I'll list what I got and the deals I was able to get on these items. Keep in mind, I do coupon, but I am NOT an extreme couponer so others may be able to find even more deals than I did! This week, they have 49 items that are buy 10 get $5.00 instantly at the register! They have at least 6 other deals that are 10 for $10. They have digital coupons for several of these sale items plus you can find several other printables!

For a full list of everything they have in their ad plus other match-ups, go to

Here is my haul!  I got all of this (97 items) for $58.00 saving over $130.00!  This included 2 completely FREE items and most others between 29ȼ and 49ȼ ea.  What a great way to stock your pantry!

Starting from Left to Right, here are my deals:

C&H Sugar-  $1.99 ea  
      Click this link for a 75ȼ off 2- Fry's makes that $1.00 off.  Total cost $1.59 ea

Rotel- 49ȼ each

Heinz Gravy-  79ȼ ea
    - There is a $1.00 off 4 coupon at (making the final cost 54ȼ ea)
    - Another coupon for $1.00 off 4 is at Fry's Digital Coupons, also making final cost 54ȼ ea! 

Kroger Peanut Butter-  $1.88 ea for 16-18 oz of Creamy or Crunchy

Carnation Evaporated Milk-  99ȼ ea
    - Here is a 50ȼ off 2 coupon.  (Fry's doubles this one to $1.00 off 2 making your final cost 49ȼ ea
    - There are also 2 coupons for 55ȼ off 2 in the SS 9/22 and 11/3.  (Final prices would also be 49ȼ ea)

Green Giant Canned Vegetables-  49ȼ ea 

Del Monte Canned Fruit- 99ȼ ea 
    - Fry's has a digital coupon of $2.00 off when you buy 10 at 

Hormel Chili-  99ȼ ea 
    - There is a 55ȼ off 2 cans at  (Fry's increases this coupon to $1.00 making the   
      final price 49ȼ ea!)
    - Fry's Digital Coupons also has a 55ȼ off 2 cans, but it will just be 55ȼ off 2 making the final price 72ȼ  
     ea.  (still a good price)

Betty Crocker Cake Mixes- 99ȼ ea
    - Fry's Digital Coupons has a 75ȼ off 2 baking goods or frosting (final price 62ȼ ea)
    -Another 75ȼ off 2 coupon can be found at  (Fry's will increase this coupon to 
     $1.00 making the final price 49ȼ ea!)
    - Another 75ȼ off 2 coupon is in the SS 9/29 (also making final price 49ȼ ea)

Nature Valley Granola Bars- 6 count  FREE!  
    - I received Fry's mailed coupons this week and there was a coupon for a FREE 6 ct Nature Valley 
     Granola Bars, so definitely!!!

Dole Shakers-  FREE!!!
    - Log on today (11/8/13) at Fry's Digital Coupon and download your Free Dole Shaker coupon!

Swanson Chicken or Beef Broth-29ȼ ea!   This is almost as good as free!  
    -There is a 40ȼ off 5 coupon in the SS 11/3.  (Fry's will increase this coupon to $1.00 off 5 making your final price 0.09 each!  CRAZY!!)

Stove Top Stuffing- 99ȼ ea

In addition to the items I purchased, Michelle also bought these great deals!

ALL Detergent-  $2.49 for 32-50 oz liquid
    - Click for a $2.00 off 2 coupon, making your final cost $1.49
    -  RP 9/29 has a $1.00 off 1 detergent (final cost $1.49 if you can get 2 coupons)
    -  RP 11/3 has a $2.00 off 2 coupon (final cost also $1.49)

AXE Body Spray- $3.49
    - Grocery Smarts has a $2.00 off 1 coupon making your final cost $1.49

Fry's Half Gallon Milk- 88ȼ ea

American Beauty Pasta- 16 oz for 49ȼ ea

***So if you haven't made plans to shop at Fry's Food this week, check out these deals and more in their weekly ad  and see what kind of AWESOME deals you can come up with!  Hopefully these links will help a little.  It is alway fun to get a great deal and fill your pantry in the process!



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