Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!!

    Happy Birthday America!!! 237 Years Old today! What an awesome thing. We hope everyone can have a FANTASTIC Independence day with lots of things to celebrate. This is one of the Sista's favorite holidays, especially remembering our younger years!
    It was tradition in our small town to start out with a pancake breakfast at the church put on by the Scouts. We would venture on "The Square" for the city Parade that would start at 10:00 am, sharp. It was always started with 4 or 5 Air Force Jet planes flying overhead in formation. All of the schools, clubs, and even many stores participated and displayed their floats. The 4-H club always had kids on horses, as well as Cowboys and Cowgirls from the rodeo and different groups. All of the little league and All-Star baseball teams had their groups riding in pick-up trucks borrowed from the local car dealerships! It was so much fun. We were always sad when it was over.
    Next was barbecue or picnic time with our families. We would either go to the Dam our Grandpa worked at or to our cousins home with a pool and just spend the rest of the day playing with our family...LOTS of cousins. It was AWESOME! We would then make our way over to the fireworks and all cram into the back of the car/van/ or truck to watch the fireworks and hear the great 4th of July music that would help us remember all of the people who had made our freedom possible. What a great thing to celebrate! It has been a fun challenge to incorporate old and create new traditions with our growing families, especially with so many of us living in different states throughout the country, but we all do our best to make sure our kids remember what to be grateful for and have great memories in doing this. When I (Stacy) first moved away from little town, Idaho, I was honestly shocked that EVERYONE didn't have parades and things of this nature, but we have tried to make sure to spend the day with family and friends and of course find fireworks somewhere to watch. Whether it is at the end of a baseball game, somewhere in the city, or just doing them on our own, we will be there!!! Here are a couple of ideas to help the celebrations along...
Fruit Flag.  My friend also made a Fruit Flag Pizza last year.  It was delicious!  
Here is a recipe for Fruit Pizza.

Oreo Cookies!  Otherwise known as Decadent Chocolate Truffels.
Here is the Recipe!
Substitute the chocolate chips for almond bark or white chocolate chips so you can color them.  Sprinkle them with blue and white sprinkles as another option!

4th of July Popcicles!  (official recipe at link)
You can also just be creative with juices to make the colors.  One note, make sure they are SET hard, frozen solid, before moving to the next color or you will end up with pink and purple, as we found out this with with our first attempt!  

With all of the fun and family fun, don't forget what it is all about...

Thank you, to all of you.  We will always be grateful!

Happy Birthday, America and Happy 4th of July!
Love , the Sissies!


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