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Teacher Gifts for Christmas Courtesy of Pintrest

   Teacher gifts for Christmas and end of the year can sometimes be stressful.  Do you get them something or not, how much to spend, what would they like or need, is it something the kids can help make?  Most schools now have a policy limiting the amount you can spend on a teacher per year so make sure to check the policy before getting the gifts!  Below are some of the best teacher gift ideas on Pintrest right now.

1.  A Coffee/Hot Cocoa Mug with all of the "Class Reindeers" on it.  This would be fun in you help volunteer in the classroom or are planning on being there for the class Christmas party.  Just get all of the students finger print with some brown paint.  Draw on the eye's, nose, and antlers with a sharpie marker after the paint is dried.  If you can do it before the Christmas party, have the students present it at the party.  If not, just leave it with the teacher at the end of the party.   You can also use this same idea on ornaments.

2.  These next ones are gifts the kids can help in making.  The first one is a snowman with 3 glass bottles with different ingredients in them.  You can find these bottles at any craft store like Michael's or Hobby Lobby.  Top jar, marshmallows, 2nd one, Hot Chocolate mix, bottom one is peppermints.  Of course you can choose other items if you want.  Decorate them like the snowman with a material scarf and a felt hat.  Paint on the eyes, buttons and carrot nose. 

3.  This one is a mason jar with dry cookie ingredients layered in the jar.  You can really do it in any order, just make sure to put all of that ingredient in that layer before moving to the next one.  This picture shows scrapbook paper on the top but you can also use Christmas material to cover the top and tie with a ribbon.  Attach the directions for adding the wet ingredients and cooking the cookies. 

4.  This cute set of jars are the jelly size jars dressed as Santa, and Elf, and a Snowman.  They have cinnamon circles for Santa.  You could also use peppermints.  The snowman is the silver hershey kisses.  The elf is the green wrapped hershey kisses.  You could also use the mint hershey's.  

5.  Make some cookie cutter ornaments.  Your teacher can use them as decorations in the classroom until Christmas break and then take them home to make cookies for themselves!

6.  These ornaments are really easy to make.  Use either glass ball ornaments or the plastic ones (plastic are probably preferred for the classroom).  If you have access to vinyl, you can make letters from them, but writing on them with permanent markers are very easy too.  Spell out something like "Merry Christmas", "Peace", "Seasons Greetings", "Joy", or "Noel".  

7.  Use the fudge recipe from our "Neighborhood Gift" posts to make the fudge.  After you get the fudge into the pan, use your cookie cutters and push them into the fudge.  Decorate the little shapes while the chocolate is still soft.  Once the fudge is set, pull the cookie cutters out and your gift is ready! 

8.  Find a cute Santa to give as a gift and them make these adorable elf stockings.  Make the shoe part out of construction or Christmas Scrapbook paper.  Add the little bags with the red centered oreos and there you have it!

9.  These are cute glass blocks that are easy and cheap to make.  You can buy the glass blocks at a Michael's or Hobby Lobby that have a hole in the bottom.  I would suggest packing a set of 35-50 lights depending on the size of block you choose.  Wrap a ribbon around the block and either paint the teachers name or a christmas saying or shape on the front.  You can use vinyl if you have access to it or can find it somewhere.

10.  Finally, a more practical gift is to make something cute out of paper towels, crayons and glue, Kleenex's, pencils, or other supplies you know your classroom is in need of.  Shape them into a tree or wreath. 

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