Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Real Meaning of Christmas

   For our final post of "The 12 Days of Christmas," we wanted to just talk about the real meaning of Christmas.  Christmas has become the most commercialized holiday of any, which all of us can see.  Stores start putting their Christmas items out before Halloween has even come!  It is definitely fun to give and to receive gifts.  I would encourage everyone to take a minute and discuss or think about WHY we give gifts to each other.  When we think back to the Nativity story of when Christ was born, we remember the 3 wise men and the gifts of their finest riches which they brought to the baby Jesus.  The shepherds may not have brought physical gifts, but they dropped everything the minute they saw the star of David and the angel come to them.  They brought Christ their presence, support, and love.  As "the Little Drummer Boy" song says, he came with the gift of song and played his best for him.  The gifts we give do not have to cost a bunch of money or be the most glamorous, and especially we don't have to give EVERYTHING on each others lists!  Think about why you are giving what you are giving and what would be especially nice or helpful to those those we give to.  Put thought into what you do.
    If you are able to, try to give to people less fortunate than you.  Ask your local schools or churches which families could use some help this season, have something (maybe a can of soup and crackers) in your car you can just hand to someone on the street asking for help.  They will probably never know who were but will be ever grateful for that little meal you helped provide.  The giving of gifts during this time began with Christ's birth and we should remember the gifts he would ask from us are to be kind to one another, help a neighbor in need or someone less fortunate, be compassionate.  So let us do more of this kind of giving than the physical gifts this time of year and throughout the other 11 months of next year!
   Here is one more little video we want to share about the true meaning of Christmas.  We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Years.  We hope everyone has a blessed season!
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