Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thought of the day...

This quote really hits home for
me because I love the thought of working
out with other people, but 
I am not confident enough to actually
follow through.  
I always put myself down 
thinking how dumb I am going to look,
but really if you have this 
attitude shown in this
quote, anything
is possible.


the sissies!


Melanie said...

I tried posting these last week, but it didn't work...but last week's total for me is 24 miles. Steven had 15 miles. This week so far I have had 15 miles.

bowpeepaccessories said...

I had 3.5 miles again today

Rachel said...

5 miles for me and 7 miles for Austin. :)

bowpeepaccessories said...

I had 1.5 yesterday

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