Friday, March 22, 2013

What Ryan says goes....

Ok fine Ryan. If you say so.

When the weather starts getting warmer there is one thing my very white, slightly-chubbier-from-winter body wants to do.....go for a nice run. I love running, especially in Spring and Fall weather. The scenery is amazing and the air is perfect. Fresh and clean.

Here is a great workout plan for beginners or for those of us who have avoided it in the Winter months and would like to start it up again.  It is here.

And here is a list of great playlists for running, according to Women's Health Magazine.

Make sure you fuel up with some carbs before your run so you will have the energy to keep going. Eat some toast, a granola bar, a piece of fruit or if you are going on a longer run (45 minutes or more) make sure you eat a couple of these. After a long run, make sure you refuel and replenish lost electrolytes with preferably coconut water, or you could have a Gatorade or something similiar.

I hope you enjoy your run, I know I will! :)



More Sister Stuff said...

Christine had another 2.76 miles today (3/23). Awesome :)

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