Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas Jars

A couple of years ago a neighbor gave us a book called "Christmas Jars" by Jason F. Wright.  I immediately read the book and loved it!  I had Austin read it and he loved it and the idea behind the book.  So we started a Christmas Jar.  At the time we were poor residents hardly spending any money at all, but that first year we were able to give away about $60 in change that we had collected.  And WOW! I cannot tell you how wonderful of a feeling it is to help someone else like that.  Seriously.  It is such a good lesson for a family.  My kids are SO excited every single time they add money to the Christmas Jar.  Every year about a month before Christmas, during Family Home Evening, we challenge the kids to think of someone to give our Jar to, and this year they had a suggestion that night.  It had already been on their mind and they had been thinking of who could use it!  I was so proud of them.  We used their suggestion and they were again SO EXCITED when it came time to deliver the JAR.  What a wonderful lesson for children. 
I HIGHLY recommend this book to every family. 


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