Friday, January 13, 2012

Christmas Wreaths

This is a wreath idea I got from a girl I work with.  It is made out of a simple wire hanger, about 60 shatterproof ornaments and a big, festive bow.  I made two of them, however, I did not get them made before Christmas was over and I did not get to hang them on either side of my garage!  Next year, it will look amazing!  

Here is a closer view. . . 

1.  To make these fun wreaths, find a nice wire hanger, like the kind you get at the dry cleaners. 
2.  You will untwist the hook part of the hanger with the rest of the hanger and bend and shape until you have a nice circular shape at the bottom.
3.  Go ahead and start putting on the bulbs in any order you'd like, adding from the non-hook end.  Don't worry about arranging them because they will arrange themselves and change whatever you did.  For mine with the two tones, I tried to do about 2 or 3 gold for every 2 blues.  I also used different sizes and I think it turned out really well!  Just a side note, this part can be a little frustrating towards the end because the bulbs will start to pop off of their hooks as you get close to having a full hanger.  Don't give up though, it will look amazing!
4.  Once you are satisfied with the amount of bulbs you put on there, go ahead and re-wind the hanger back together.  You will notice I went on and bent the top hook of the hanger all the way down so it would fit nicely onto either a doorhook or a nail.
5.  If you are good a making bows, make a nice, big bow to cover the hanger at the top.  If you are not as talented in that area, it is ok, there are many beautiful bows at any of the department stores throughout Christmas time for a reasonable price!
6.  Last but not least, show off your unique wreath for all to see!


Rachel said...

I love these wreaths. And even though it is not Christmas anymore I still want to make one to have ready for Christmas!!

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