Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Scripture Reading

So all through seminary and religion classes I would for the most part read the sections (Book of Mormon Part 1 &2 Old Testament, New Testament etc. ) we were studying, so with that being said, sadly & embarrassing to say I've never read the Book of Mormon all the way through until I was 22.  And I really have to make goals to read everyday, because I slack off a lot. So I was on Pinterest at the beginning of the year and found this...
You can find it here. And I'm so excited! I've been doing awesome! You read about 7 pages a day. And that's the other funny part, is when I would read my scriptures I would usually just read like a chapter or a couple verses, whatever I had time for. And now doing this it's easy ready that much at a time. So that's my resolution this read all of the scriptures! I just printed off the schedule and put it in the front of my scriptures and mark it off everyday. So i'll send out the invite for whoever wants to join me in my endeavor! :)



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