Wednesday, January 11, 2012


So I've been meaning to post this for a while but just keep forgetting. I have found and heard of a couple good filters for your home computers. There is a lot of crap out there on the computer, and I think these are great for protecting your families. This first one, OpenDNS is a filter on your router so it will protect any device that is used on it, (computers or phones or whatev), you can click here for the first one. It's easy to install, just follow the instructions.

The second one is called K9 web protection, and it just goes on the one computer you install it on, and that one you can find here.

On both of these you can create your settings of everything you want blocked. You can also put in certain website you'd like blocked. However you'd like to customize it to your own families needs. And as the women of the house I think it's good for you to be the one to put it on, and to be in charge of the passwords and blocks and everything, just for preventative measures. But that's my own personal opinion. Anyways, take it or leave it, but just thought I'd share.

Here is one just for the kids!  It is awesome and it is just $4.99 for THE YEAR!  Try a free 30 day trial and if you don't love it, no worries, don't pay the $4.99.

Basically, you can either have this set as your home page or just have the icon on your desktop and teach your kids where to go.  You follow the steps and build a "pouch" for each child in your home with their favorite games, ones you already approve of and know are safe, and then when they want to play the computer, they log onto their pouch and can play any of the games in there.  It is brilliant!  If there is a website you know is fine and is not in their preapproved games, they have steps to add that too. 

These are my friends who created this website and I am so proud to recommend it.  It really is fantastic.  My kids LOVE it and so do I.  I feel completely confident they are safe while playing the computer now and they know what they can do.  We have added websites they play at school to so they can do school stuff as well.  I hope you enjoy this too!


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