Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cookie Monster

This is what I had for my birthday cake this it SOOO good! If you've ever been in Craigo's in Rexburg...that's where we stole the idea from. We used to make this all of the time when we were dating..and I forgot about it until this year. It's so easy...and SO yummy!

You will need:
*1 package Toll House Cookie Dough (or your homemade, I'm lazy so I usually use store bought)
*Whipping Cream
*Vanilla bean Ice Cream
*Chocolate and Caramel Topping
*I use a 6" round cooking pan

You cover the whole bottom of the pan in cookie dough and cook it how you would normal cookies, let it cool off a little, then cover the cookie with your vanilla bean ice cream, then do a layer of whipping cream, and top it off with the caramel and chocolate and enjoy! With the left over cookie dough we made it in the muffin pan so that we just had little single servings so we didn't eat a whole pan! :)


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