Monday, September 10, 2012

"Judge Not"

I had a eye opening experience a while back. It's funny my whole life I've been taught not to judge others...and yet I find myself succumbing to that a lot...sadly to admit. The blog that I LOVE, Maskcara, wrote a great post on it here, I think she puts it perfectly that women are amazing! The reason we can be a little mean or in this instance -judge- is because the ugly green monster comes out and we are a little jealous of what other have or what they we tend to pick at people's faults, I guess you could say, or at least try to find some because it'll make us feel better about ourselves.  There are a few quotes that have stuck out to me lately as I've been thinking about all this:

For a while there I would compare myself with a certain someone. I would just think how easy life is for them! It seemed like EVERYTHING was handed to them on a silver patter, good looks, cute clothes, nice car, amazing house.... I would a lot of times feel bad for myself for silly reasons, like "we work so hard and try so hard, why can't we have that...or do things like." And then I found out the "behind the scenes" and realized I am extremely blessed! I couldn't believe what this person has gone through, and it made me feel like the worst person in the whole world to ever think a negative thought towards this person. At the snap of the fingers I was extremely happy for them...for what they have and what they get to do. It has made me feel even more blessed for the things I have, an extremely loving husband who works hard to support us, a healthy little girl, roof over our head, food, clothes, a loving family that I am so close with, good friends...and the list goes on. It has certainly been an eye opener for me, and I hope to be better...and more kind.
The day after I had this realization I found this talk by President Monson that is just amazing so I thought I'd share it with you. This part of the talk was just what I needed to hear. (I included the rest of the talk also, if you wanted to hear it.)

"None of us is perfect. I know of no one who would profess to be so. And yet for some reason, despite our own imperfections, we have a tendency to point out those of others. We make judgments concerning their actions or inactions.

There is 

really no way we can know the heart, the intentions, or the circumstances of someone who might say or do something we find reason to criticize. Thus the commandment: "Judge not."

I consider charity—or "the pure love of Christ"—to be the opposite of criticism and judging. In speaking of charity, I do not at this moment have in mind the relief of the suffering through the giving of our substance. That, of course, is necessary and proper. Tonight, however, I have in mind the charity that manifests itself when we are tolerant of others and lenient toward their actions, the kind of charity that forgives, the kind of charity that is patient."



Whitney said...

I have to thank you for this post! I stumbled upon your blog by chance, and this is EXACTLY what I needed to hear today! This was a great post, thank you for sharing.


Ashley Kelly said...

I love that first quote, I love Pres. Monson, and I love your blog design! Cute cute cute! Thanks for dropping by my blog earlier. Totes following you back :)
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sugarplums andlollipops said...

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These quotes are great. Thanks for stopping in at Living at the Whitehead's Zoo today. I am a new follwer from MBC and looking forward to reading more of your blog.

Safiyyah Abdurrahman said...

Thanks for following me! Great post!

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Six Feet Under Blog said...

Following and love those sayings!

Cindy said...

So very, very true.

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