Sunday, October 21, 2012

Spiritual Sunday

Spiritual Sunday is coming a little late today, but I figure better late than never.  :)  
I taught my young Women a lesson today on the importance of staying away from addictive substances, especially drugs and alcohol.  At first when I read what I was going to be teaching I was disappointed, they knew this, they have been taught this since they were young, what could I teach them?  I came across this video that was so wonderful!  It fit perfectly into my lesson, and I knew that it could hit home with my girls.  As I thought about it, this video can really apply to all of us.  We need to make the decision now to not let Satan in with all his lures and hook us.  It needs to be decisions about everything from drugs and alcohol to staying faithful to our spouse to not getting involved in pornography.  Really, it can be anything.  If we make those choices now it will not even be an issue of temptation when then temptation comes, because we know it will, Satan wants to trap us so that we can be just as miserable as he is. 

One last little note... when I found this video I was pretty excited.  John Bagley flies his planes over my home ALL the time.  He comes out and does tricks over our area and my kids love it!  So not only is this an amazing video, it is filmed about people in my neck of the woods.  Pretty cool.



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