Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Host


    I had really forgotten that I had read this book until earlier last week when I sent a message out to all the sisters if they knew any good books/series to read.  I was looking for a good one to start and everything that had been recommended was on a waiting list at the library.  Meagan had mentioned, Stephenie Meyers, The Host.  Immediately, memories of the book came back to me.  I read it about 4 years ago and LOVED it!  It was good to hear that she really liked it too.   I remember after reading it thinking, "they should really make a movie out of this", not knowing who "they" specifically should be.  If you recognized the authors name, yes this is the same author who wrote the Twilight series.  This was actually her first book.  In my opinion, it is every bit as good as Twilight.  I am also happy to report, that according to her website,, there will be a movie coming out March 29, 2013!  It is about time! 
The Host
    Anyhow, a quick overview of the book:  The humans have been invaded by an 'unseen' enemy and their minds are taken over leaving the shell of their human body intact.  Before now, the enemy has been able to keep it disguised pretty well, but the humans are catching on and those who are left are trying to protect themselves and leaving to a hidden safe place. 
    Melanie was one of those last humans to be taken over by a Host.  She plays the role of her human as best she can to try to find the remaining humans, including her love, Jared.  He is somewhere in one of the remaining safe places.  Melanie is a fighter though and is not willingly giving her mind over to the Host Wanderer.  She and Wanderer have to decide whether to become allies to locate and save Jared or continue battling each other.  It definitely gave me a more open mind to ideas.  Not saying I think there are aliens, or vampires, or werewolves, but Stephenie's creativity gets your mind moving!  I love it!  Hope you will give The Host a try.  (I don't know if I ever told my sister Melanie this or not, but as I read the book, I kept thinking of her as Melanie.  I think she would have played the part really well too!)


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