Saturday, November 3, 2012

Health Corner, Edition 2

  As promised, I am back with part 2 of the story.  Again I hope this is informative and not too boring!  Also, I know my story is a long one, but hopefully it will help someone along the way and give someone out there some hope and maybe some alternative you haven't explored if you or someone you suffers anything like what I have been through!
  Ok, here goes!  As long as I can remember, I have had headaches.  In high school I remember having them on occasion, but nothing Ibuprofen wouldn't take care of in a couple of hours, same as in college.  At least, until my allergic reaction.  After that, I tried Tylenol (Acetaminophen) and it kind of helped.  Usually a nap or just going to bed for the night was the cure.  I remember having one horrible migraine either just before I was first pregnant or right after that lasted about 3 days and was so bad I couldn't get out of bed.  My husband finally went to the doctors office and came back with Imitrex.  Miracle medicine for me!  It went away within 2 hours!  I don't remember anything significant like that again until about 6 months after my first son was born.  I started having a headache 4-5 times every week.  This went on for a few months before I went to the doctor.  He prescribed Allegra and an antidepressant (which at the time I did not realize they use to control migraines).  This seemed to work for about 2 months and they slowly started to increase in frequency again.  I waited again I good while before I went to see another doctor because my husband thinks I am a hypochondriac and makes fun of me when I go to the doctor and so I thought I would just tough it out!  It is just a headache, right? 
   Well, in the meantime, I was doing all of the allergy testing and having all of the allergic reactions and such.  It took me about 7 years of headaches 3-5 times a week to finally say enough is enough, I need to see a neurologist and get these under control. 
   Just before this happened, I was talking to one of our family friends who happens to be a pharmaceutical rep.  We were talking about my allergies and all of the things I had tried and the fact that now I have to be on 5, yes that is correct 5, antihistamines a day to keep the reactions from happening.  He asked me if I had ever had my thyroid tested.  I told him, yes, several times because I was often very tired, and had all of the headaches, I had gained 50 lbs since I was married.  UGH!  He told me multiple food allergies, the black under my eyes, and other things I had mentioned were also thyroid related.  He sent me an email to a video talking about thyroid problems and how many times your TSH is normal and the doctor won't look any further, but your thyroid is truly not functioning correctly, causing all these and more symptoms.  He encouraged me to find a doctor who would test more than just my TSH and would treat my thyroid, believing I could really fix some of these problems.  So, I checked out the video found at this link:  No, you do not have to buy their book!  I just took really good notes and wrote down anything that pertained to me and found out there was much more than I realized pointing to my thyroid not functioning properly.
   For the past 3 or 4 years, my blood pressure has been off and on elevated, my hair (which is usually REALLY thick) has been falling out like crazy, my hands are EXTREMELY dry and no amount of lotion helps, I have facial puffiness, I always have black bags under my eyes, and always had a low temp (97.5 of less). . .  I was getting to the point that I would wake up and take my son to school, come back home and climb right back into bed because I was so tired, or just take a nap every day!  It is not that I didn't sleep enough at night, I was getting about 10 hours!  I had one month were I had 28 migraines in one month!  I talked to 3 different doctors before I finally found one who would listen to me.  All of the others just kept saying, your thyroid is fine, it's not your thyroid!
   This doctor was great!  My neurologist was great too, he just couldn't help with the thyroid!  What she had me do was take 3 temperatures a day for 3 days.  The first one you take is 3 hours after you wake up, then 3 hours after that, then 3 hours after that.  She recommend you use a glass thermometer because they are most accurate, but they are expensive and I broke mine in the first week so I was not going to keep buying them!  (You can buy mercury free ones at your pharmacy.  They have a green tip).  Once she had my temps, we started the Wilson's Temperature Syndrome Protocol.  You can find more information about it here:
   I am going to leave you with a little homework this time.  If you or anyone you know has had ANY of the similar experiences I have had, please take the time to watch this video and write down symptoms that pertain to you.  Also, take the time to do the 3 temperatures 3 times a day as I described in the previous paragraph.  I will go into further details of why these are important with Edition 3!  Until next time, happy health!


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