Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas Decorations for Cheap!

So as I mentioned in my last post,
I love to decorate for Christmas!! I actually
just love everything about 
Christmas, but really-let's be 
honest, who doesn't?
I am going to show you some pictures
of things I have done in my 
house, and then tell you what you
all want to hear-what it cost
to do it all.

First, I will start out with little nooks
I have close to my front door.

In this picture, it looks kind of plain and
boring, but I actually really like it.
I got the trees from hobby lobby.
The big one was $2.50 and 
the other two were $1.50.  I already
had the two clear vases, so free of charge
for me.  Score! In the vases, I added Epsom salt
and cranberries on top, which
I also already had.  
So for this little nook, I spent
a total of $5.50.

The other nook-

I have my chevron frame that I made.  I already
had the wood, paint, and glitter
from previous crafts I had been working on.
Again, the clear vase, salt, and cranberries I already
had, so free again.  The tall
red vase I got at DI for $2, and the white
twigs sticking out of it were from
Joanns for %1.50.
Total for this nook was $3.50.

Tomorrow I will do another post on my walls
and table decorations.
Hope youare


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