Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ibotta Deals

    I have recently been able to sign up to participate in the Ibotta coupons and I am so excited!  I had seen deals before offering 75ȼ, $1.50, or even more for items I was already purchasing.  This was even AFTER manufactures coupons!  I FINALLY got it all set up a couple of weeks ago and really just in time too.  They were offering a GREAT deal on these everyday items.  I bought most of these at Target because they had store coupons + the Target Cartwheel deals.  I believe all of these but 3 items had 5% off using the Target Cartwheel so I felt like it was worth it!  I spent $64.90 total (including tax), but after completing the ibotta deals, I received $46.00 back from ibotta, deposited right into my Paypal account.  I will also receive an additional $10.00 with my first transfer to Paypal, and another $10.00 for completing 5 offers in the first 2 weeks.  So with this purchase, I will really make $1.10 on my purchase!  Pretty good huh!

    With this offer, I purchased:
        1.  12 pack Cottonelle TP
        2.  8 pack Viva Paper Towels
        3.  24 pack Scott TP
        4.  4 pack Kleenex Tissues
        5.  160 count Kleenex Tissues (free with the 4-pack + money back from ibotta)
        6.  Kleenex Hand Towels
       7.  Cottonelle Flushable Wipes
       8.  32 pack Huggies Diapers
       9.  Pack of Huggies Wipes
      10.  8 oz Softsoap
      11.  Colgate Total Advance Toothpaste
      12.  Colgate 360 Optic White Toothbrush
      13.  18 count U by Kotex Tampons
      14.  20 count Poise Pads

  To earn the money from ibotta, you have to do 3 tasks per item, like "like this on Facebook", watch a 15-30 second commercial, answer a pole question, or "Tweet" about it.  Once you have competed these tasks and purchase the item, follow the directions to snap a picture of the receipt and the item.  If you have a smart phone or ipad with internet capabilities anywhere, you can verify at the store you have the correct item.  I totally think this is worth the money savings.
  If you are interested, go to this link, sign up, and get started!  If you don't think it is worth if after trying it, you are under no obligation!
   A couple of downfalls I found are that  1.  if you are working on "deals", the store you are shopping at may not have all of the items.  I found Target had almost everything required, but Walmart, CVS, Fry's were all missing one or more of the items in each deal.  It may take a little time to get used to the requirements.  2.  Another is that I did have to return a couple of items and go to different stores because of the above reason and because once I brought the items home and scanned, I found they were incorrect and ibotta would not accept them.  (This could definitely be because I am a first timer too!) 3.  The last downfall is this is only good for "i" products (iphones, certain ipads, certain ipods), and the android market.  If you have a Blackberry like me, you are out of luck, unless you have one of these others.  They say they are looking into adding Blackberry and other markets sometime this year, but until then, just hope you have one of the others!
   Hopefully this was explanatory enough and helps!  Happy Saving!


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