Monday, September 16, 2013

Super Easy Chicken Dinner

This is one of my favorite meals to make.  It is fast, simple, and really delicious.  It is also a really inexpensive meal.  What could be better?  I have made it in a couple of varieties, depending on my mood.  

To start, all you will need is a crock-pot and a whole chicken.  I can usually find a whole chicken for between $4-5.00.  Keep your eye out for these prices and grab a couple when you find them.  They freeze beautifully and cook as tender as ever after.

1.  To begin with, put your chicken in the crock-pot to allow 6-8 hours of cooking.  I just take it right out of the freezer and stick it in.  I would suggest closer to 8 hours if you get it directly from the freezer.  Just sprinkle the top with lemon pepper.  I will usually add between 1 1/2 to 2 cups of water even though there will be juices from the chicken.  It just helps bast it throughout the day.  
2.  If you want to add potatoes and carrots, peel them and add them along the sides.  I usually put the potatoes first so they are in the water/juice and cook better that way.  I also really like baby carrots (no peeling required!).  
   2a.  If you would rather do something like rice and gravy and corn, just leave the chicken in the      
   crock-pot by itself.
3.  Throughout the day, approximately every 2 hours, use the juice that has cooked off and pour it over the chicken, then close the lid again.  I use a turkey baster, but you can use a spoon or a cup measure just as easily.
4.  Finally, after 6-8, serve it.  It will just fall right off the bones.  I don't even pass out knives because it is so tender all you need is a fork.  It is just delicious.  If you made the potatoes and carrots, you can just serve the potatoes with sour cream, salt and pepper.  Your whole dinner is ready and it only takes about 10 minutes to prepare.
   4a.  If you chose the rice option, cook the rice and then make a gravy out of the chicken broth.  It is
   really simple.
         - Pull about 1 to 1 1/2 cup of chicken broth into a small pot and let it boil.  Mix about 1-2 tbsp of
         flour with water to make the consistency a thick water.  (Just past the paste point).  Once the broth         is boiling, add the flour water, again until boiling.  You can add just a little bit of salt and pepper           if you want.  Let it continue to boil until it is as thick as you like your gravy.
         -Serve with corn or beans and you are set!



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