Monday, October 24, 2011

Candy Corns

So the other day as I was blog surfing I came across this post for candy corns.  It was so cute I went out and bought the cones that day.  Then I went back to find the instructions and couldn't find the blog.  So here are my instructions...
 Supplies you need:
Styrofoam cones (any size you want)
Yellow, Orange, and White Yarn
Hot glue gun

 I started by marking where I wanted each section to start.  Then I liberally applied hot glue to the top and bottom edges and a couple of lines in the middle.
You need to start with either the yellow or white, I chose yellow. 
Then just wrap it around a million times, or until it is as big and thick as you like.
Cut yarn and tuck the end in.

 Repeat the same process with the White yarn.

For the orange, glue the same as the others and wrap and wrap, around and around.  The only hint I have for this one is just make sure you make the orange level with the other two colors. 

Now you are finished! 
I think these are just darling.

thanks for looking!


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