Monday, October 31, 2011

The Witches are out...

 I invited a few ladies over for a Witches party.  It was a TON of fun to get ready for.  I have never been one to decorate for Halloween, but this year I went all out.  The kids and I hung spider webs all over the house, pumpkins and witches everywhere. Heather let me borrow all of her decorations to make it even better!  The decorating turned out awesome. 

I had decided to do soups and breadsticks, with some treats too. I made 3 of my favorite soups, some yummy breadsticks and some witches brew (apple cider).  Meagan made some of her famous pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  Thank you!

 Some of the decor...

 All of the witches.

  I was so impressed at how everyone dressed up.  Everyone was so cute (or scary).  One of the witches even had fake teeth made just for the night!! 
 Our witches wands

Happy Halloween!


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