Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Party

So we had a little Halloween Party on Friday, and I had so much fun making all of these little treats. For these cupcakes I just food colored the vanilla batter and frosted orange, and just put reece's pieces on top. 
 I attempted to make mummy cupcakes, but Heather's turned out so much cuter!
 Some of our few decorations
 Mummy prezel sticks. Which I think turned out to be my favorites. You just dip them into white chocolate. Use milk chocolate for the eyes dipped on with a fork, and put the rest of the white chocolate in a bag and drizzle it over the top. So cute!
 Frankenstien pudding was a close runner up. I think they turned out pretty cute. Once again I just put green food coloring into vanilla pudding, 3/4 of the way, and filled up the rest with smashed oreos and drew on the faces.

 We didn't quite get to carving pumkins before the party, so just threw on a little vinyl!
Happy Halloween everybody!!!


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