Monday, November 14, 2011

Baby Weight

So it's been three months since I had Brynlee..and a couple weeks ago I just had it with my body and decided I really need to get serious if I'm going to loose this dang baby weight. So I decided to eat REALLY healthy and see what that does for me. So I talked to Mary who is an expert at being skinny (and knowing how to get there) and she helped me decide what I needed to do. I had took all of my body measurements about a month ago, because I was hoping I'd be able to loose a lot in a month, so I was doing some little work outs, measured myself two weeks later...nothing. So thats when I talked to Mary! And came up with a little menu. In a week an half I have lost 11.5 inches and 7 pounds! And I have done workouts at least 3 days a week. Anyways for breakfast I have an amazing smoothie! Here's what I put in it....

3/4 cup of ice
1/2 cup oatmeal
1 whole banana
6 to 7 frozen strawberries (you can get a 6lb bag at Costco for like 8.50)
1 tbsp honey
about 3/4 cup either skim milk or apple juice (yummy fresh apple juice I got from making apple sauce) but you could use any juice, milk or just water.

Blend it all up and it's AMAZING! I love it! I know oatmeal is really good for you...but I HATE eating it the normal way, but this way it gets your dose in and tastes amazing!
 I also went to Costco it get a HUGE bag of spinach! I think it was like a 4 lb bag. And sometimes I do make green smoothies and put some spinach in that also. But what I really use it for is salad's. And they also taste AMAZING! I load on the veggies like tomatoes, green peppers, carrots, cucumbers, avocados or whatever else you'd like. Then I'll put boiled eggs and make up some chicken to put on top. It's SO yummy...and filling!  I use a raspberry vinaigrette. Sometimes I also put a lot of fruit on and that's yummy too.
And if I don't have that for lunch then I'll have it for dinner...or I'll just make up a nice little talapia or chicken dinner with a veggie and some fruit. It's working for me. After Halloween I just had it! I was eating like total crap so I decided I needed to just eat totally healthy...and I love it!


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