Thursday, November 3, 2011

Date Night

So I found an amazing blog that has tons of fun dates on a budget on Pinterest (LOVE Pinterest) it's So I decided to try one of them and we had a BLAST! We did the bookstore date night. And here's how it went...we went to Barnes and Noble and we had a list of books to find. You can split up or look together. Find your books and then find a little nook in the store to share your findings. I had two sets of book lists for us the first set was:

#1 find a recipe to cook for your date
A: Peachy Dream Tarts (peaches are my absolute FAVORITE!)
M: Flaming Weenies (it was from a hillrious redneck cookbook)

 #2 Find a book that reminds you of your childhood
A: Walter the Farting Dog
M: Corduroy
If you'd like you can read them to each other also :)

 #3 Find a funny joke to tell your date
We told more that one, and it was fun, we just sat and laughed for a while

Then we got our 2nd list of books, split up and did it all over again.

#1 Find a new date idea to do on a future date night
A: Go to a concert
M: Play pool (I found a cool book that had a tiny pool set you could play on the cover)

#2 Find a quiz to take together
We went to the magazine section and looked FOREVER..but found nothing, which is odd because you always see quizes in we moved on.

#3 Find a map or book of your DREAM vacation
A: Wonders of the World (he's already been to 3...lucky!)
M: I have so many I couldn't find something on Bora Bora, so I narrowed it down to Africa, Thailand &Italy

The great thing about Barnes and Noble is they have a Starbucks in you can get yourself a delicious Strawberry Frappuccino & have dessert and you read your books. We would recommend a bookstore date night!



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