Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Birthday Banner Tutorial

I got my supplies at Hobby Lobby. This is what all I used:
**1 Roll of Wrapping Paper
**2 Super Cute Pink Boa's
**13 Popsicle Sticks
**Hot Glue Gun
I first cut out the pieces and did them 5" across the top and 9" Long
Then I added pink vinyl letters to it, you just have to be careful when your pulling off the transfer tape so you don't ruin the paper, I ended up just cutting right around each letter so you don't have much to pull off.
I figured that since it was wrapping paper it would be flopping and blowing around when it was hung up so I hot glued a Popsicle stick to each one to weigh it down (but later I put the pictures on and that would work just fine to weigh it down) 
I found it was easiest and I didn't burn myself as much if I turned it around to glue it on, then you can see where you gluing it, because this boa has a rope that runs through the middle of it.
And below is the final product! 
If you liked the Zebra cake you can find the tutorial here!
PS...Hobby Lobby has a ton of different patterns of wrapping paper and different colors of boa's...so hopefully they will have something that matches your party needs :)


Lizzi's Creations said...

That is so cute! Considering having a zebra and pink themed party for my daughter this year, and may try something like this.

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