Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Zebra & Pink Birthday Party!

Brynlee turned 1 on Friday and I cannot believe it!!! So we threw a little party with family and friends, and I loved the way it turned out, so I thought I'd share. I have become obsessed with the zebra print...and of course pink it super cute with it. So that's what I did!
 I'm pretty sure I have an obsession with Hobby Lobby...literally ALL of my decorations came from that store...and don't worry. I'm still extremely cheap and got each item with a 40% off coupon...which made the hubby happy since he thought it was a little ridiculous I was doing stuff for a 1 year old party.
 Wrapping paper with tulle on it.
 I found a few treats that stuck to our zebra and pink, so we had some taffy and good and plenty's, and oreo's...double stuffed of course :)

 I actually made the birthday banner...I'll do a tutorial for it later. I had taken a picture of her each month next to her stuffed animal and there are 13 letters in' Happy Birthday' so I decided to add those to the banner, and have one picture from the day she was born.

 Birthday girl in her cute little birthday outfit!
They even had zebra candles!!!
 And here is our zebra cake! :)

We are in a link party, check it out here!


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