Thursday, August 30, 2012

Framing kids artwork

I have a little girl who loves to draw and a little boy who loves to color, both of which also like to have all their artwork displayed where we can see it.  I am not a huge fan of having my refrigerator covered, so I don't put it there.  So where am I suppose to display their beautiful works of art?  for the last 2 years I chose to tape it up on the wall next to my sewing machine, since I spend so much time there.  But honestly, it just made the wall look tacky and the room even more cluttered than it already was, and well, I didn't need help with that.  Then one day while on Pinterest I came across this playroom gallery.  I loved it.  I have a big blank wall in my laundry/sewing room that I knew would work perfect.

My sewing room wall.
Old picture frames I gathered from around the house.  I didn't have nearly as many as I wanted so I took a little trip to the local DI (goodwill) and bought 4 more for .50 each.  Not bad.
One blessed day when my children were fighting constantly  (because they wanted to return to school so bad, you know that time of the year, right?) I sent them out to the garage with paint and brushes, clothed in paint shirts.  They were very excited to have a project that was not house work.  

After they finished as much as many they wanted and were playing together happily, I brought out the spray paint and finished.  Much easier, but they needed something to do.  My little artist came up to me and said, "Mom, why did you make us paint if you could have just sprayed all of them."  I just smiled at her and said, "Would you have rather painted or cleaned a toilet?" She ran off real quick.

After all the frames and clothespins were painted, 2 clothespins per frame, (I got mine at Walmart for under $2) I went inside and traced and cut out each from on Kraft paper.  
I laid my frames out on the floor to make sure I had them just right, then measured and hung the paper on the wall.  I started out trying painters tape, don't, it doesn't work.  I ended up using push pins.

After I had it just the way I wanted I got our my laser level, hammer, and nails.  

This is the wall now that all the frames are hung up.  I LOVE the way it turned out.  
I hung up the pictures taped to my wall.  Now I just have to wait for a little more art to come my way!  I am sure my daughter will be drawing up a storm over the next few days.



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