Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kids Valentine Craft

Day 14:

I am always on the look out for crafts for those "I'm Bored" times.  My kids have actually stopped saying that because I threaten them with jobs, but there are those times when I know boredom is setting in because they start picking on each other.  Anyway, I came across this on Pinterest and knew the kiddos would love it, and they DID!!  Mine did not turn out as perfectly gorgeous as the Martha Stewart version, but you know what?  I don't care!  My kids love them.  My little guy wanted to make enough for every window in the house.  And the great thing is, you will probably have the supplies needed already on hand! 

Here is what you need:

Old crayons (or new Dollar Store ones) pink, red, purple and white are great Vday colors
Pencil sharpener
Wax paper

I cut 2 pieces of wax paper about 12"-18". (I got 8 hearts from 18").  Now take the crayons and start sharpening.  This was a fun job for the kids.  I had 4 little piles of crayon shavings when we were done.  Turn the iron on to a medium heat.  Lay your towel down nice and flat, place one sheet of wax paper on top.  Let the kids sprinkle the crayon shavings all around the paper.  We mixed ours up, but you could keep all of one color together if you wanted.  Next, place the 2nd sheet of paper on top of the other with the shavings in the middle.  Take the other half of your towel (or another towel) and place it over the wax paper making a little sandwich. Hold the iron on each spot for about 30 seconds.  ( I think this step is why ours did not look just like Martha's, some of us grew a little impatient.)
Now decorate your door or windows or what ever you choose.  You can use ribbons, a sewing machine, or tape.  Just be creative!  I hope your kids will enjoy!!


PS... stay tuned, tomorrow we are going to give you a bonus Valentine's Day idea!  So check back tomorrow!


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