Monday, February 11, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Date

Day 13:

  A couple of years ago, I had this really fun idea to do for my husband.  I honestly can't remember if it was a Valentines Day surprise or just a fun date idea, but I figured it would be a great Valentines Day idea.  I basically sent him on a scavenger hunt doing nice things that eventually led him back to me where we had a nice, romantic dinner.  My mother-in-law was sweet enough to watch the kids for us so it could just be us in the end. 

  What I did was prearrange things in our area for him to go and do 2-3 hours before our official date started.  I started out with a note on the door in an envelope labeled, "Clue #1".  Inside it, I had just the address or street directions to the first place I arranged, a haircut.  I had already gone in and paid for his haircut and the tip.  I had arranged with the hairstylist to hand him the 2nd clue at the end of the haircut that again only gave him the directions to the next place.  This was a 30 minute massage.  We had Aveda schools in our area and the students had to get their practice massages in and it was very inexpensive.  They did a great job too!  Again, I had prepaid the massage and tip and had it arranged for the masseuse to give him the next clue.  I don't remember now what my 3rd clue was, sorry, but I believe I sent him to a favorite store where I had picked something out for him and had it wrapped up front.  The 4th and final clue was on the box of the gift.  That was leading him back to our house where I had a candlelight dinner and romantic night planned for us.  You can spend as much or as little as you want on this too.  If you have more money and it's not a problem, give him an hour long massage or add in a facial or pedicure/manicure, add a shave with the haircut.  Just be creative and you'll both have fun.

   I of course made sure I wasn't home when he got the first clue, but then made sure to be back pretty quickly so I could get dinner and the house ready for him to come home.  I would only have 3 hours, tops to get that part done.  If you do not want to supply the dinner part of it, for the last clue, you could put your favorite restaurant as the last clue and be there waiting at a table when he (she) arrives.  This one was really fun and my husband really liked it.  He had no idea what was going on but figured it out once he arrived at the first place and told the receptionist about the clue he had.  All of the places I arranged these at were very easy to work with and all thought it was a really neat idea.  They were all happy to help with it.


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