Friday, February 8, 2013


Day 12:
What kind of a Valentine's day can you have with out strawberries? Not much of one, just kidding they definitely can still be amazing; but to me, strawberries are the fruit of love. They are kind of shaped like a heart, not to mention their vibrant red color, and then last but very not least they are delicious!
Last year on Pinterest, I found some strawberries filled with a cream cheese filling, so I figured I would make them. They were sooo good, so good in fact that I made them for my wedding reception. I just made them again and would feel so selfish if I didn't share the recipe. So here it is..

1 carton of strawberries
8 oz cream cheese softened
1/4 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla
8 oz heavy whipping cream

Mix the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla until it is all incorporated. In a separate bowl, whip whipping cream until hard peaks. Scoop 1/3 of the whipping cream and fold it into the cream cheese mixture. Add another 1/3 and fold it in. Add the last third, but don't fold it in as much, so it is really fluffy.
After it is made, scoop out the inside of te strawberry so you can pipe the filling in. Enjoy!! It's delicious!!


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