Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Doorway to the Heart...

Day 9:
I have thought and thought of a cute, cheap idea for my kiddos for Valentine's Day and I came across the idea of decorating their bedrooms doors.  For pre-school my son needs to work more on his cutting skills and so we went to work drawing and cutting out hearts.  After 20 minutes of work we had about 25 hearts ready for the 4 doorways.  We made them all sizes and different colors.  I then took some curling ribbon and cut it into different lengths, ranging from 12"-18".  (I started with 18"-24" but that was too long)
I am going to decorate each child's doorway on the night of the 13th so on Valentine's morning when they open their doors they will be surprised with hearts.  You may even want to add little love notes to each child on the hearts.  I am so excited to see my girls faces when they come upstairs that morning!  I know they are going to love it!  And my little guy will be surprised and happy to see his hearts he made hanging in his doorway.  

Fun and simple, that is the way we roll here!  



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