Sunday, October 20, 2013

Homemade Home Decoration

   I have been receiving the "All You" magazine this year and it has some really good ideas for home decorations.  This one caught my eye because I am in need of some balls to go in a decorative metal bowl on my sofa table.  I have been looking for a while for something I like and finally found these!  The lady who made them had said she likes to recycle things into things for her home if she can.  This idea she formed from cereal boxes.  Super cute!  We go through cereal boxes a lot in our family so I decided to try it.

   For this project you will need an empty cereal, acrylic paint, and the normal size gold or silver paper brackets.

1.  Cut your cereal boxes into 8 strips 3/4" inches thick, by 10" long.  (Do this times how many balls you want to make.  My large cereal box made 3).  I also made one 8" long so I could have a variety of sized balls.

2.  Lay the strips out (preferably on something plastic) so you can paint them.  Use a sponge brush (or small paint brush) and put 2 coats on both sides.  (I used a cardboard box for round 1 and found the strips stick to the box and you'll have to repaint them several times).  You could also choose a spray paint color and spray the strips.

3.  After they are all dried, poke a hole in both ends of all 8 pieces so you can attach them with the silver brackets.  On 2 of them, also poke a hole in the middle too.

4.  Place one of the strips with 3 holes on the bottom, add 2 more of the 2 hole strips, another 3 hole strip, followed by 2 more strips.  Match up the holes of one end and put one of the brackets through the holes with the bracket points facing the inside.  Once you have the bracket in, separate the segments evenly.

5.  Take another bracket, also facing in, and gather the 6 strips in, lining the holes up onto the bracket forming a circle.

6.  Take the remaining 2 strips and another bracket, line the 2 ends and the middle hole of one of the strips and place the bracket through.

7.  Circle the 2 strips around to the other side and line up those holes with the remaining middle hole strip.  Place the final bracket through.

8.  Display proudly!

Hope you like these cute decorations!


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