Monday, March 11, 2013

Converting Exercise Into Steps


As we were trying to figure out how to launch our "March to Health" month and get more people involved, a couple of the sisters expressed some concern that they, like many other people don't just walk, run, bike or do things that are easily calculated into a mile.  They do things such as aerobics or zumba, where you are very much actively working and but stepping at the same time.  We really do want all of that to be counted in our "Marching" numbers and we really would love to reach our goal or 5,000 miles "Marched" this month or more.  I have found a site that can help convert all that hard work into miles so you know how far you go each day!

The full article can be found by clicking on the title!

How to Convert Exercise Bike Miles to Steps


    • 1
      Record the calories burned or miles biked as listed on your exercise machine after you've completed your workout. You will use that information, along with the following conversions, to calculate your steps: One mile equals approximately 100 calories; 100 calories equals approximately 2,000 steps.
    • 2
       Use the following formulas and a calculator to figure your approximate steps:
      Number of miles times 2,000 equals your number of approximate steps.
      Number of calories divided by 100 times 2,000 equals your number of approximate steps. 
  • 3     Use the following process to determine your true number of steps. Start by using masking            tape and a tape measure to mark the start and end point of a 30-foot straight line.
  • 4     Begin walking a couple of feet before the starting point so you can get into your normal walking stride. Count the number of steps you take until you reach the end. Write this number down.

  • 5    Calculate how many steps you would take to walk a mile by using the following formula: Number of steps you took in 30 feet times 176 equals the number of steps you would walk in a mile. (30 times 176 equals 5,280, the number of feet in a mile.) You can then use your answer to calculate how many steps you've taken when using your exercise bike or stair climber with this formula: Number of miles biked or climbed times the number of steps you walk in a mile equals the exact number of steps you've walked.

  • ***This is Stacy again.  If you need to figure out how many calories you burned, one tool you can use is  Under the "Logging" tab, there is an activity log that can assist you in figuring out how many calories you burned.  

    For example, Mary rode her stationary bike vigorously for 60 minutes last week.  She burned approximately 896 cal.  Using our steps above, divided by 100, Mary rode approximately 8.96 (or 9) miles.  

    Rachel also did "Hip Hop Dance" for 45 minutes.  She burned approximately 376 calories which converts to approximately 3.75 miles.  Great job to both!

    Hopefully this is helpful to someone out there.



    bowpeepaccessories said...

    3 miles yesterday!

    Rachel said...

    I love that conversion tip! thanks!!
    3 of us at 3.75 miles = 11.25 miles!
    Also, on Saturday Austin had 7 miles and I had 5, for a total of 12 miles!!

    Mary Richardson said...

    Half hour on stationary bike = 4 miles
    Half hour bodyrock workout = 2.5 miles

    Great workout today! :)

    bowpeepaccessories said...

    1.5 miles today too

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