Monday, March 25, 2013

Motivational Monday!

  I haven't watched this years season of "The Biggest Loser" but I know a couple of my sisters have watched it religiously and I have heard parts of their conversations.  It has been really neat to hear some of the transformations from this years group. 
  I know we all really know how important being healthy, eating right, and exercising is, but it really can be a challenge.  Throw in all of the things we have to do in life and the many balls we are juggling, and that just may be the last thing we can do at the time. 

  Michael Dorsey was not the winner this year but he did still lose 136 pounds over the course of the show!  That is really like taking an entire person off!!  I know most people do not have that much weight to lose, but we all have something we can improve on, whether it is walking the mile to pick your kids up from school instead of driving, exercising 2 more times a week, or even just eating breakfast in the morning.  We need to be able to teach our kids good habits by what they are watching us do, so just take a minute to sit down and write some personal goals.  Write down simple, achievable things and start working on them now.  Involve your kids (if you have them), friends, neighbors because it is a lot more fun and it will help you be more accountable and achieve your goals!

 Enjoy Michael's journey on the show summarized here. 



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