Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Reverso!!

So for my birthday...which hasn't come yet, Adam got me the most AMAZING curling iron ever!!! I wanted to look cute for his birthday so I went ahead and helped myself to my birthday present. He didn't hide it so I figure it was fair game. Oh my goodness...I am in love! He has since hid i haven't used it again, but now I CANNOT wait until my birthday! I have used a lot of curling irons in my day and this is by far the best! Here's how it get EXTREMELY hot, so you have to wear a glove when you use it. You hold it in for no longer than 15 seconds...or I guess you could burn your hair right off :) But since you don't hold it in for too long, I could do my whole head of hair in 10 minutes! And the best stays in just beautifully for 3 days! Don't judge :) I know it's lame it post pictures of yourself, but here are the results, and what it looks like! Oh ya...they are originally $200, but we got it off Amazon for $40, I hope it's still that much. Get it! won't regret it! It's called Herstyler Reverso.


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