Monday, October 8, 2012

Baby Scrapbook Pages

So these are much more old fashion than Michelle's cute digital ones, but they might offer some cute ideas for the scrapbooker!  These are some of my Baby Scrapbook Pages.  Some of them I have copied from Rachel, thanks! by the way, so she can claim the idea if she'd like too!


This is my "Baby Pool Page".  I asked everyone from both sides of the family what their guesses were for the sex of the baby and what day they thought he/she would be born.

The first page I made like a calendar with everyone's name, date of guess, and
guess of the sex of the baby.

2.  The second page were pictures of the ultrasound with the announcement, "It's a . . . "

3.  I add this one here because I was pregnant when I took the picture.  We received the "K" or strike pages at the game that night.  I thought it would make a cute makeshift ball field.

4.  This was an idea I had with all of the cards I received at my baby showers.  They were just too cute to throw away!  I figured I could preserve a little of what everyone had shared through the scrapbook page.  I did one for each of my boys.

5.  You definitely have to have a birth announcement page and this was what I came up with for mine.  I put the actual fun certificate page into just a plain 8X10" sheet protector.  I taped the crib card and the ID bands from my husband, my son and myself on the side, providing enough room for the certificate to still fit too. 

Next, I put one eyelet through the certificate and sheet protector.  Then I laid it on the 12X12" page protector after I had inserted the page with crib card and ID bands attached.  I lined it up so you could see everything and then marked where the 3 ring holes lined up and where the eyelet hole I had already punched into the certificate.  I also made hole spots on the 8X10" certificate page to line up with the 3 ring holes about 1/4" in.  I then punched eyelet holes through the 12X12 page and protector, and through the 8X10" page. 

Finally I attached skinny blue ribbon, long enough that I could comfortably tie bows at all of the eyelet holes.  I cut a 10" slit into the 12X12" page protector to allow the sheet protector and bows to be under the protector too.  However, now that I have said that, you may choose just to attach it to the outside of the page and that would be just fine too!

The eyelets and ribbons will allow you at be able to view both sides of the birth certificate and those adorable, tiny feet without having to take a page in and out or photo copy something!

6.  Rachel gave me this idea. I think she had done if for one of her girls. For this one, you just make several even eyelet holes along either side of the page at equal distances. I chose to use 3 different boyish colors: blue, green and yellow. Then, I got several boyish color of the 3 for $1.00 (on sale) ribbon's from Michael's to stretch across. One a chosen few, I added a few colorful beads to add some more depth. I think I bought a little bag at Michael's or Walmart for like $1.00. I printed this picture black and white so I could do it on the black page, but it would be cute in color too! I think the page turned out so cute.

7.  Now that the little doll is here, we have to make some fun memories!  This one was really easy.  I did the black and white pages and typed the little message up on a blue sheet of cardstock that matched the blue print.  The blue print, I tore into 4 different pieces, varying in sizes.  After mounting the pictures on the blue and black cardstock pieces, I started putting them on in the directions of the torn pieces.  I added fun shaped blue buttons that I literally sewed on with a needle and string! 

Last but not least, I had these cute paper clips that I added to the 2 big pictures for the finishing touches!
**One tip I do to save paper on borders of paper, because I am cheap!  I will cut 1/2" strips the length of the cardstock or paper I plan to use as the border.  I will then attach the two long sides to the picture, however wide I want it.  I will then cut the corners at an angle (at all 4 corners).  Then I will add the shorter sides using the same width.  Then I will cut the excess off!  It gives it a nice angled corner and a polished look.  You can use one sheet of paper to go a really long way.  Just an idea!

8.  This is one of my favorite pages.  Rachel made Evan a red blanket, just like this pattern.  I thought a page like this would be awesome.  I made even size pieces of colored papers.  I believe they were 4X4".  I then folded 1/4" around the edges of all of them and taped them to a white 12X12" sheet of paper with the turned up edges touching.  Once I had all of it attached, I just started making cuts down the folded edges.  Then I started folding them every other direction until I got the effect of the blanket!

9.  I had a little photo shoot with Evan and my down comforter one day when he was feeling under the weather.  The pictures were so cute and matched the paper so perfectly.  I just alternated the color of border on the pictures with a couple having both colors, and just kind of threw them on the page!

10.  My Great Grandmother, Preston's Great-Great Grandmother gave him this cute little duck outfit.  How could I resist a page?  I thought it would be neat to somehow tie the pages and colors together kind of in a corset manner.  I cute the yellow strip in the middle first and then laid it on a black 12X12 sheet to get the right sizes to attach on the left side.  Then I cute the black triangle size I wanted on the Right page and laid it down on the yellow sheet measuring in the same manner.  Once they all fit, I taped them to a blank white sheet, then started lining up where I wanted the eyelets to go.  Once they were all punched and hammered in, I started sewing the ribbon through.  Make sure to make the ribbon extra long so you will have enough.  On the first side, I went up one side, over, back down the other side, and then tied it off.

11.  This was one I also made from some of the tissue paper from my baby shower.  I laid it over the yellow 12X12 paper and taped it to the back side.  The letters I made with squares that were about 1 1/4" and a large adhesive letter.  It was a really easy page to make and it brings back memories of the baby shower every time I look at it.

These are the baby ones I have done I think are cute! 


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