Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Truly, Halloween is my favorite holiday.  It really does fall before Christmas and Thanksgiving even.  It has always been and I think I am the only sister who loves it this much, I could be wrong though.  I have to wait until Oct. 1 to get all of my Halloween stuff out because I would totally annoy my husband otherwise, but I would have it out way before and way into November if I could! 
  Anyhow, tonight, my boys and I carved our pumpkins.  We have to wait until the very last moment in the south otherwise they will get moldy and gross before Halloween.  My boys chose 2 difficult ones and I ended up carving all of the parts but one, but oh well, I love it!  They turned out awesome!!!  Here are the pics!

Our Bat                                                                  A Dementor. . .AAAAAAH!

Here is the final outcome of our night of fun!


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