Friday, November 30, 2012

Family Birthday Boards Tutorial

I did a project for Christmas for one of my best friends from college. I thought it turned out so cute!! So now  we've decided we are doing the same thing for our mom for Christmas. So I thought I would include a tutorial for those of you who has someone in's perfect for Grandmas! If you don't have the time to do it we have it in our shop.

**What you need:
**A Piece of wood 24x6" (Home Depot...I got an extra piece of scrap wood they had for .51)
**Stars or circles for the names(Hobby Lobby 2.99 for 20)
**Drill & 1/16 Drill Bit (Wal-Mart 1.98)
**Jump Ring 9mm (Hobby Lobby 4.99)
**Acrilic Paint (Hobby Lobby or Walmart $2 bottle)
**5/8 Cup Hooks (Home Depot 4.99)
**Vinyl...I do it myself so for me it was free :)
**Picture Hangers for the back (2.99 Walmart)

This is what they all look like:

I sanded the board down and Painted it. Then, in the little circles I drilled a hole in each end as close to the end as I could. Be careful I hear some people have a problem with it breaking the wood easily. Then I painted the little circles. We decided to go with males one colors and females another. I've seen some cute ones where they've done each family a different color, or you can just do them all the same...all are cute.

Apply the vinyl. Then I put the hooks in the bottom of the wood. This was pretty time consuming and found it was A LOT easier to drill a hole where your going to put the hook in and you can screw it in a lot easier. Also, another tip is to have pliers to have screw them in all of the way. I just got a measuring tape a measured it all out on the bottom and marked the spots so that I did them straight. It's a lot better if your vinyl is already on so you make sure to get them right under the month.

Then I took the little jump rings and opened them a little, after a while I used the pliers again because my fingers were getting raw. But I figured out the best way to do it was to put on ring between the two circles. This is why you want to get your holes as close to the edge as you can or the ring won't be able to go through the two. 

Having one ring is the only way to have the line lay flat against the wall. On top of the first person of the month, you'll want to add one more little ring that you will connect to your cup hooks, or once again it'll try to flip to the side. 

On the back I added the picture hanging hooks, one on each side so it would be sturdy. I did them two inches from the edges and one inch from the top.

It is pretty time consuming, but I loved the way it turned out!



hkschulte said...

I am looking to make a board like this for my mother-in-law (I married into a huge family!) for their anniversary coming up. What section of Hobby Lobby did you find the circles in (did you say they are wood ones?)? This is an excellent tutorial, thank you for sharing! Any other tips or advice would be greatly appreciated :)


More Sister Stuff said...

The circles are in the wood section, usually at the beginning of the row, and towards the bottom of that section! Thanks for asking and good luck with the project!

More Sister Stuff said...

It it down the isle with all of the unfinished wood products. They have a whole section with bags of little wood parts. The front f the bags are clear and the backs are blue. They are 1 1/2 " by 1/8" thick circles. Hope that helps! Good luck with your board! Let me know if you have any other questions!

ajs said...

Nice idea that can be used in perpetuity. I would write the year of birth on the back of each circle. THat way I can double check their age. thanks

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