Saturday, December 8, 2012

Favorite Christmas Trees!!!

    I had thrown this idea out to Michelle that I would love to see some of our followers Christmas trees!  I love Christmas and I kind of love to go all out and decorate for it.  I am sure my husband is sick of my tree because I have kind of done it the same way since we got it, but I love it, so I just keep doing it the same way each year and try to add a few new decorations each year.  My tree is about 9 1/2 feet tall with a pretty wicker/holly star on top,  I have maroon ribbon coming down from the top with maroon bows on some of the branches, maroon and gold glass balls, and lots of snowmen on it.  Now that my kids are in school, I also have some of the decorations they have made me from school which I love and I don't even care that it doesn't "match" completely.  I think it looks awesome with all of their love into it too!  I would love to start adding like feathery pieces and just a few more exotic Christmas decorations but I just don't know what yet, thus sprung my idea.  I would love to have anyone who wants, email at, facebook, or tweet us a picture of their tree so we can share and get some ideas from! 

Here is my tree and I am sorry it is fuzzy.  I do not have a great camera, yet. . .  Please send us yours and we will post them too!


From Colleen who says she gives her kids a decoration each year that is symbolic to the year they just had, new baby, etc, and that makes their tree! Very cute, Thank you for sharing!


leanne fudor said...

Great idea! Sent you an email with our tree! Colleen from

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