Thursday, December 6, 2012

MORE Christmas Decorations for Cheap!

Alright, so just a couple more 
things I would like to 
show, while I am on my Christmas kick.

I usually like to have some sort of 
decoration on my table, and 
I was trying figure 
out what, and then I remembered
my trifle bowl that my 
mom gave me last year.  

I just used some left over ornaments from 
my Christmas tree, what is the 
point in decorating the 
back of the tree
to look good, when no one is 
going to see it.  
Put those ornaments to use somewhere
else! So pretty much those 
were free.  Also I 
just put a couple of pine cones 
in there that I bought at Winco for 
about $3.  And I bought the 
silver charger at the 
dollar store.  The little thing wrapped
around the bottom, was 
For this I spent a grand total of
(Which the pinecones were also used on 
my Christmas tree, so well worth it.)

And my favorite:

I saw this board on Pinterest and fell in 
love! I thought to myself,
"this can't be that hard to make,
can it?"
So I got a board, painted it white,
bought stickers (which were $2.11) put them 
on the board, and painted it red.
When it dried, the plan
was to peel
them off and be done.
Unfortunately, not that easy.  
Red paint seeped under the stickers and
so I couldn't peel them off.
I had to use my husband's 
exacto knife and scratch them all 
off.  This took HOURS.
After I finally got took the letters
off, I painted them white
again.  The project was 
finally finished.
It took countless hours,
but I have to say it was well worth it.

The red wreath I have had for 
a couple years.  I bought the little shelf
at a garage sale this summer
for $1.  I have had 
the red charger for a while, and don't 
remember how much it was.  I bought the tree
with the others, and it was only
$2.50.  The other thing
on the shelf 
was $10.  I know it is way more
than everything else, I 
bought, but I have wanted something like
that for so long, so I caved.

The over all total for my wall was:

This may not be everyone's style,
but it just made me realize
that decorating doesen't 
have to cost a fortune.

Hope you enjoyed!


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