Monday, July 16, 2012

AMAZING Make up and Hair

Look at this girl! She is BEAUTIFUL!!! And she is amazing with hair and make up. I've been following her blog for a while her blog is Maskcara and you can find it here. She honestly has tutorials for every different type of make up look you are trying to get. She will find celebrities with really pretty makeup and do a tutorial on how to get that look, and she's take a picture of the celebrity and of herself with the same makeup and amazingly she looks almost exactly like them. She has a ton of awesome hair tutorials too, how to curl your hair beautifully all different ways. I just LOVE her blog...and I always go to it when I'm looking for a change up in my looks. :) She is the one that introduced me to fake eyelashes...which is my very favorite accessory now! :) She has tutorials on everything beauty...eyelashes, how to do your eyebrows, home beauty remedies that you can make for make up and hair to save you money. Go check out her blog...the first time I went there I was on there looking through the whole thing for about 2 hours! 


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