Friday, July 20, 2012

Who's Your Daddy

I just went to an awesome youth conference about 2 weeks ago and had many excellent classes.  I came away wanting to share everything I heard and learned with my husband and kids.  It was so uplifting and good.  One of my favorite classes was called, "Who's Your Daddy".  The moment it was over, my friend and I were trying to figure out how to make it into a Family Home Evening lesson we could share that would be at our young kids level.  Well, I did it and they loved it!  I made it into a game and I would love for you to share it with your families too.  So here goes on paper. . .

To begin the lesson, if have or have access to the movie, "Remember the Titans," play the scene where the team is getting onto the bus for their camp and the team captains are telling the team members which bus they would get to ride on, segregating them by color.  The coach, Denzel Washington steps in and tells them they are not in charge, he is.  He asks them, "Who's your Daddy".  They look at each other confused because their Father's had just dropped them off for the camp and were standing close by.  He asks them again, louder, "Who's your Daddy?"  They finally answer, "You are".

Now to tie this into the lesson. . . I have them broken up into 4 colors, but there are really 3 groups: Spirit World, Earth, and the Rebirth.  I just used cardstock and had "Who's Your Daddy", "Who's Your Momma", "What Do You Get" on each set.  On the back side of the "Who's Your Daddy" pages, write one of the following on each:  1.) Heavenly Father,  2.) Your Dad here on Earth,  3.)  Jesus Christ,  4.) Satan.  On the back side of the "Who's Your Momma", write one of the following on each, coordinating the colors:  1.)  Heavenly Mother,  2.)  Your Mom here on Earth,  3.)  The Church,  4.)  The World, AKA, "The great and abominable church".  And on the "What Do You Get" pages, see the pictures down below!

You will play this part like a game, explaining it as you go along.  I taped all of the pages up on the wall with the answers facing the wall, grouping them with the "Spirit" and "Earth" groups together and the "rebirth groups" together.  If you want to go one step further, you can put a sign above the two groups.  The first saying, "No Choice", the second saying, "Our Choice".  If you have enough kids in your family, or a teenager, you could have one of them play a "Vanna White" character.  Start with asking the kids about premotal life and who our earthly parents are.  Each time they get one right, turn a card over, showing the answer.  After both parents have been displayed, explain that whenever we enter a family, we get something.  Then, see if they can guess that answer.  Move onto the "Earth" group.    When you get to the "What do you get" part, explain that besides the body, when we are born into this family, we are all also given a name.  If we are girls, when we get married and start a new family, we will get another new name as part of that family.

Now explain that we do not know if we had any choice to be born into Heavenly Father's family or into our earthly family.  What we do know is we made the choice to follow Heavenly Father's plan and come to earth which is what allowed us to be born and gain a body.  We also know that we will have a 3rd "Daddy" and this one will be our choice.  We make this choice when we are 8 and are baptized, but also everyday with the choices we make and they way we act.  Do these next two simultaneously/back-to-back.  Start with Jesus, followed immediately by the Satan page that corresponds.  With the "What do you get" page, I put 4 items, you could do the same ones or do different ones, but also compare them to each other one at a time.

So here is a look at the Pages:

Spirit World Group

Earth Pages

Rebirth Choice #1

Rebirth Choice #2


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