Monday, July 2, 2012

Flavored Water

It is summer time, and I am always telling my kids they have to drink lots of water everyday because it is so hot outside.  Plus, I am prego, plus my daughter and I both are prone to UTI's, and so we need to drink water even more.  Water is boring.  I have tried many things things this summer so far, to get everyone, including myself, to drink more water.  My latest attempt was a water drinking contest.  It was fun and exciting for the kids the first couple weeks, now, boring.  They don't even try anymore.  
But now, I found this awesome flavored water recipe on pinterest!!!  It adds a new element to the water drinking contest.  Once they drink one of their special 18 oz. water cups (with lids and straws, I might add) they get to have the flavored water!  And what a treat that is.  The second cup is always gone much faster than the 1st.  The kids goal is to drink at least 2 1/2 of these a day.  And now, they do, easily.  And they are loving it.  
Pictured is the Blackberry/Sage water.  SO GOOD!  There is a hint of sage, and the combo is wonderful!
Hope you enjoy trying these yummy waters!!



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