Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentine Photo Shoot

Day 5:

A couple of years ago I was having a hard time coming up with a gift for my husband for Valentine's Day that  said "I love you."  A friend of mine and I were talking and she suggested that I take some photos of me and make a little book for him.  I was more than a little uncomfortable doing this because I am not a huge fan of the way I look in pictures, or the way my body looks (no they were not naked ones!!) still, I am in no way close to being a model.  After thinking on this for a while I decided that my husband loves me for me, and he loves the way I look, even if I am a little cheesy in pictures and I do not have the body of a super model, so I was going to do it.
I gathered all kinds of little props, like his favorite jersey and a basketball, borrowed some stillettos (which I never wear) fish-net stockings, a feather boa, you get the idea...  I did my makeup very carefully and fixed my hair just right... and then I took some pictures...

There are a couple of ways you can do this... If you feel comfortable enough with and you have a girlfriend of yours who is also okay with it, you can them take the pictures for you.  Maybe they will even get you to smile more naturally or even laugh a little.  But if not, I have found that it is really easy to take pictures of ones-self if you have a little hand held remote.  If you are lucky enough to have a printer at home that does a great job with photos - print them at home and get a fun photo book at the store.  If not has little books that all you have to do is choose your picture and drop it in the spot.  You can rearrange them all you want until it is just perfect.  I think the cost is around $11 and can be in your hands within a week of submitting the order.  
My husband loved the book and told me he wouldn't mind in the least bit getting a new one every year.  


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