Monday, January 28, 2013

The Best Husband Valentines Day Present

Day 3:
A couple of years ago we were really poor, so when Valentines day came around we decided to do homemade presents for each other. I'm always horrible with coming up with things...but I was determined to come up with the Best. Present. Ever. And I think I did a pretty good job! My hubby L.O.V.E.D it...our very own board game!

You can do it one of both ways, when I first saw it it was on a sheet, I've tried both and I like the board game better. But do whatever you think would be fun for you.

For the sheet you get a fitted sheet...just find the cheapest one you can get. You'll need masking tape, a permanent marker and cardboard (from a cereal box would work perfect). At the top of the sheet I believe I named it "The Game of Love" and underlined it, and then used the masking tape to evenly mark the lines. My game board was 7 across, 7 down so I had 49 total. After you "draw" your lines, you'll cut out whatever shape you are using out of your card board, this is a horrible drawing but I used something like this:

You'll trace that on your rows...49 times and then go back and fill in your game plans. You'll want to use the majority of your sheet. I think I had about a foot at the bottom left, and maybe 6" on each side. Each shape was about 4", but measure what fits your bed best. I used each "activity" at least twice so you make sure to land on it at least once. And you can say it different ways to change it up, for instance "XOXO" and "Kiss Me Baby". You can be creative and come up with ever you want and whatever you feel comfortable about. I had to edit mine a little and blot some of mine out so we can keep it G rated here, and because our Mom reads our blog. :) 

The sheet is fun because you'll cover it up by making your bed so your hubby will have no idea. And it's good for in the future to too surprise him random nights.

When we moved I just threw away the sheet and decided to get a $3 board game at the D.I. and I'm really glad I did. Now it's our inside joke that no body has any idea what we're talking about...besides you now that are reading this. But there's been a few times that we are out to dinner or out and about and will say "Soooo do you want to play Chutes and Ladders when we get home??"

How to Play:

You'll just need 1 dice, they will roll it every time, if it's a 4 or 6 divide by 2, and if it lands on 5 I let him pick between the 2nd or 3rd one.

They have 30 seconds for each activity, no exceptions. :) You can have a stopwatch or just count, whatever you'd like to do.

That's pretty much it, it's fun and your husband will love you even more forever and ever! He will think this is the best present you could ever give him!

**I have everything out and ready sitting on the table. I've made some chocolate covered strawberries, since we don't drink alcohol for our "bubbly" I used sparkling cider or wild cherry pepsi. I get a couple little silly presents like candy or something and had them wrapped up for him to open if he landed on a present. And for the music I just used Pandora and the station I like is Ashanti because a lot of the songs it plays is circa my high schools years, so it's a fun flash back and it's kind of sexy music. But like I whatever makes you happy!! And have fun!!!


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Haha, this is so cute. Sounds like fun too!

Thanks for sharing!


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