Monday, February 16, 2015

30 Day Challenge #3 and an Update

Yesterday was my final day on my 30 day Challenge #2.  It actually took me 2 months to finish and I ended up really doing it 1 1/2 times because of sickness and an injury, but I am finally done!  Wohoo!!!  These really are incredible.  I am so pleased with how far I have come in the last 3 months.  So, I finished doing the Push-ups and Buttock challenge.  I was also doing squats and sit-ups every day so I didn't lose what I gained with the last challenge.  It still only took me about 30 minutes or less each day to complete it.  After the 1st challenge, I had lost 8 1/2 inches collectively between my each of my legs and arms, my waist and hips.  I did not measure my butt of my neck with that challenge, but I did with this one because I could see and feel the difference.  I am once again happy to say, I lost another 5 inches bringing me to a total of 13 1/2 in 60 days of exercise!!!!  I still have only lost 1 more pound, but my sister Melanie keeps telling me, "it's not the number that counts, it's how you feel.  If you are seeing a difference, it IS making a difference!".  I will keep this in mind as I continue with my challenges.

This month I have chosen to do a Lunge Challenge and a different AB Challenge.  The Lunge Challenge is also through the 30 Day Fitness Challenges site.  It does not say specifically if you are to do each number it says per leg or total, so I am assuming it means per leg.  For instance, day 1 says 20 lunges.  I will do 20 on each leg.  Honestly, I will probably to 10 forward, per leg, and then the other 10 as side lunges, per leg.  That way it will strengthen each muscle and work on the inner thighs too!  Fun times.

For the abs, I am choosing to do the P90X ab workout each day for the next 30 day, plus 2 others.  I will list the order of the sit-ups for the P90X, just in case you do not have access to the DVD.  It should only take 14 minutes to complete this part.  You should be able to have the whole workout done in 30 minutes each day. You wll do each of these for 1 minute each.  Some you will do for 2, if it says  
 to switch sides.  Here is a site you can see Tony Horton (the maker of the P90X videos) doing all of the sit-up poses.  Down below is a description of them.

After doing this for a couple of days and not being able to complete any of these exercises for the full 1 minute yet, I have an easier option if you'd like to try it.  The first day, I did 15 of each of the exercises.  The second day I did 20.  From then on, I am just adding 1 more per exercise, per day until I can do the full minute.

If this is too easy after a few days, start adding an extra 5 seconds per exercise, per day and by day 30, you should be getting quite a good challenge!  

1.  In and Outs

  You will sit on your bottom, leaning back on your hands.  Your body will shape a V.  You will move your legs out straight (in the air, not touching the ground) then bring them back up towards your chin.

2.  Seated Bicycle

Stay in the same position you were just in for "in and outs".  Again, lean back on your hands.  The first round you will bicycle your feet forward, like you are peddling a bike.  The next round you will go backwards.  

3.  Seated Crunchy Frog

For this one, you will again stay in the same position as the first 3.  This will be like the "in and outs" with your legs moving straight out, the crunching back to your body.  Your arms, however, will wrap around your legs when they are in, and go out straight out to your sides when your legs go out.  It is really hard, but by day 30, you will be a master!

4.  Wide Leg Sit-ups

For this one, you will lay on your back with your legs spread out wide and straight.  Put one hand behind your head, the other one straight out.  Lift your body up and with your straight hand, reach across your body and touch the toe of the opposite foot.  Lay back down and switch arms.  Continue alternating until the time is up.  

5.  Fifer scissor

You will continue lying on your back for this one.  Both legs will be off of the ground; one just 2-3 inches off the ground, the other straight up in the air at 90 degrees.  You will alternate each leg while maintaining your lower leg off the floor.  

I will admit, the first few days of this, my lower foot will probably touch the ground off and on.  By the end, I know they will both be able to maintain their distance from the floor.

6.  Hips Rock and Raise

You start on the floor again for this one.  Your legs and knees will be "rocking" from just off the floor to 90 degrees in the air.  Both legs together, keeping your heels together.  When your legs go up, your bottom comes off the floor a little as well.

7.  Pulse Up

 Stay on your back again for this one, feet straight up in the air at 90 degrees and together.  You will raise your feet as high up in towards the ceiling as you can.  Your bottom will again come off the floor.

8.  Roll-up/V-up Combo

You will start out on your back, everything touching the floor.  You will sit up, arm straight out in front of you, touch your toes.  As you are lying back down, your feet will follow you up into the air.  You will raise your arms back up in the air to touch your feet again.  

I hope that makes sense.  You will basically be doing a full, straight leg sit-up, and then a half one following that when your feet are in the air.  

9.  Oblique V-up

For this one, you will be lying on your side.  Put the arm of the side facing up, behind your head.  Both legs will be together and off the floor.  You will do side crunches in this position with both legs and head off of the ground.

You will do this on both sides.  

10.  Leg Climb

You will lie on your back again with one knee propped up and the other leg straight in the air.  You will climb up your leg until you reach your straight up foot.  Grab the inside of your knee with one hand, the outside of your calf with the other hand, finally your foot with the opposite hand again. 

Repeat on the other side.

11.  Mason Twist

This one stinks, no way around it!  It would even stink at the very beginning!  

You will sit upright, knees bend, and legs off the ground.  With your arms, you will twist from side to side, touching your hands to the ground before switching to the other side.  Your feet will be off the ground for all of this!  OUCH.  

For the first few days, you may need to touch your feet to the ground for a period of time but at least try to keep them off.  


My 2 that I also want to add are these.  This may be too much.  As I have never done this particular challenge all together, I do not know but I am going to try all of this together!

1.  Lower Ab Crunch

For this one, you will lie back onto your back again.  Bring your legs together until your feet touch (forming a diamond with your legs).  You will just do regular crunches from here with your hands behind your head.  Day 1, start with 20.  Add 5 more crunches everyday.  The final day you will be doing 150 of these.  You can take the same days off as the lunge challenge.  

2. Standing Side Crunch with a Weight

Stand you with your legs spread apart, at least as far as your shoulders.  Put one hand behind your head and the other down by your side.  I use a 10 lb weight, held in the one by your side.  You will stretch that arm down your side, until you hit your knee or a little lower.  The arm behind your head will then go the opposite way and crunch down the other side, almost touching your elbow to your side.  The farther down you go either direction, the more you will get out of it.

Day 1 you will do 30 on either side.  (Make sure to switch the weight to the opposite arm).  Each day increase by 1.  

Happy Challenge!!!  I'll share again after I finish this challenge.



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