Monday, September 24, 2012

Free Books

I've been reading a blog for a while 71 Toes, it is such an inspiring blog for me. Shawni is such a good writer, mom and wife! It's one of those that she seems to have everything together but instead of thinking "life seems perfect for them...she is perfect" it's just inspiring and makes me want to be better. She is ALL about family and has so many great ideas. must run in the family because her sister is the writer at, which is also a very inspiring blog for mothers. Their parents have written a few different books and they are giving two of them away for free right now at the Powerofmoms blog, you can just download them to your computer. They seem amazing and have great reviews on them. You can get them here. They are called "A Joyful Mother of Children" and "I Didn't Plan to be a Witch." I have started reading the second one and the first page had me, let me give you a little preview....

"You planned to be the perfect
mother, right? You planned to have a
spotless house and dress your little girls
in pinafores and have hot cookies ready
for your little darlings every day as they
came through the picket fence and up
the flower-lined walk after school.
" Roses bloom beneath our feet, all the
earth's a garden sweet!"
You certainly didn't plan to be a
witch! Not to lose your patience with
these little darlings! Not to feel frustration-
or anger-or guilt ! Oh, no! Not
those things! Not you!
And surely no one else feels these,
do they? I mean .. . look how perfect
other families look. Most mothers must
have it together! And some surely must
be supermoms-being all things to all
people-wife, mother, lover, counselor,
spiritual leader. "Making life a bliss complete!'
No, you certainly didn't plan to
be a witch!"

I'm excited to read these! I remember when I first help Brynlee in my arms and the first few months...and more of her life I just always thought, how could I ever get angry or frustrated with you?! And now when she's screaming, throwing tantrums...and into everything! I feel like I am a witch some days...and I thought I never would be! :) So go on over and get these books while they are available! 



My Froley said...

I think every mother can relate to that !! lol.
I am currently hosting a blog hop over at my blog :-)

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