Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Chicken Apple Salad & Calorie Counters

As sisters we have been sharing ideas of workouts and diet plans that have been working for us, and one thing I noticed was that most of us use a calorie counter in someway, so I thought I would share with you the two that we like the most.  
The first one is caloriecount.com.  It is free both online and as an app (available on on both the iPhone and android).  This is a great app that allows you to keep track and be accountable for what you eat.  You have the ability to add your own recipes and it will tell you how many calories and servings there are.  The downside to this app is you cannot add in your exercise.  
The second app is myfitnesspal.com  This is also free both online and as an app.  (available on both apple products and android).  I really like this app because not only are you able to keep track of what you eat, including adding recipes, but you are also able to add your exercise.  The downside I see to this app is when you do add exercise it adds more calories for you to consume for the day. When you are trying to loose weight you don't want to eat all the calories you just worked so hard to burn off, at least that is my thinking.  :)
I like the idea of adding my exercise in so that I can see about how many calories I burned during my workout.  
I think that they are both great resources as I have been testing both of them out for the last little while.  I hope that you will get on and find one that works for you.

Melanie wanted to share a pretty simple, delicious and healthy salad with you today.

Chicken Apple Salad

You will need:
Grilled Chicken
Lite House yogurt Ranch

Cut the apple and chicken into bite size pieces.  Combine all three ingredients in a bowl and mix.
Hope you enjoy this fabulous salad!



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